Saturday, January 24, 2009

Machinima Info Barf #16

The people have spoken! Let their voices be heard!

Maybe. The poll I posted about is now closed, all of thirteen people responded. My non-scientific analysis is:

  • 6 - think it is perfect as is
  • 3 - think it is too long, it should be more frequent
  • 4 - have other sillier ideas and will be ignored
Since I was leaning towards making it shorter, that is what I will do. Try it on a weekly schedule.


Machinima News:

Allakhazam talks about machinima.
LitFuse puts their back catalog on YouTube in HD, ie. YouTube has new HD capabilities.
Machinima for Dummies covered 2008.
There was machinima at the Orlando Science Center. Did anyone go?
Upcoming Audio Conference on visual results when uploading to video sharing sites.
OMFF nominations.

Video Game/Virtual World News:

TerraNova posts a mini rant on tax compliance in virtual worlds (a report from the IRS, reported very superficially by several news outlets, at least according to TN).
How can someone create derivative art about video games and charge for it? A poster about two notorious AIs from video games on deviantart (Offworld).
The ten best places in Second Life, part 1, part 2. Nice post with links to the original articles, video clips, etc. InSilico would be a great place to film a cyberpunk thriller.
Vote for the mod of the year at ModDB.

Machinima/Video Clips:

NewTeeVee posts about an interactive Street Fighter video created for a toy company using stop motion animation of the toy characters. I posted about interactive links in YouTube in 2008.
I like this stop motion city.
Harvesting Creatives.
This French animation, Accro, is a take on addiction.
Folding the Yoshimoto cube.
This fan created video for Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is very nice.
StarWars retold by someone who hasn't seen it. Altering the zeitgeist via ignorance and pop culture references.
Freeman's mind Ep 8.

Digital Online Video/Cinema/Imaging:

Black Dynamite is coming, can you dig it?
I thought this post on cinematic gaming would be more interesting than it was, but the poor presentation and ten minute clip spew made me nauseous.
Much more interesting is this article about interaction vs. story.
This super wide photo is aptly entitled "We're All Gonna Die".
The Remnants was a short clip produced over 3 days for 25 K. Is it dead in the water? Will it be resurrected Family Guy style?
CNN photosynths the inauguration, while the NYT does a panorama. The Big Picture has more. My pics posted here.
Best sites to stream TV. Hulu still wins IMO.


Things I learned from losing and regaining my YouTube account.
Oscar nominees announced.
Hollywood needs a new model for storytelling.
Joss Whedon has top ten scriptwriting tips. Rule #1, finish it!
Claymation at Sundance.

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