Saturday, January 31, 2009

Machinima Info Barf #17

Continuing the slimmer better info barf.


Machinima News:

VideoGameSpaces book by M. Nitsche.
Overman asks "wherefore art thou machinima critic?"
What's the point when all the clips are being removed?


Offworld talks about the Independent Games Festival. Minotaur in a China Shop is sadistic.
Waltz with Bashir wins a Golden Globe. Significant because it's the first documentary to win, and also because it is an animated picture.
Netflix find your voice competition.
TheJanusSyndicate talks about Gman Squad contest.

Video Game/Virtual World News:

Amusing rules for Second Life.
Anticipated games for 2009. Most of those look boring though. Where's some more Portal, or TF2. The world's crashing down all around us and you give us gritty realism?
1UP sold, EGM gone.

Machinima/Video Clips:

The Balloon is a great clip.
This condom ad is brilliant.
If this wingsuit base jumping video is real then wow! If not, then wow!
This time lapse animation "City of Books" is impressive.
Sci Fi Sleep Dealer movie sounds intriguing. Wired interview. Web. IMDB.
Laurence Lessig on Colbert Report.
LittleBigPlanet machinima.
Sequential Narration.
LainyVoomy's Fall.

Digital Online Video/Cinema/Imaging:

3D TV is coming.
Movie poster remakes. I love Die Hard.
AlJazeera releases creative commons footage for the Gaza conflict.
BAFTA animation nominees.
PrettyLoaded shows flash loaders from around the web.
This wall mural in Sao Paolo is cool.
Aurora Borealis images.
Nine Inch Nails releases HD concert footage.
Interactive film editing unlocks story.


Internet argument generator.
Copyright extensions.
The dawn of ads. Hilarious.
Charlie Kaufmann interviewed.
Short animation production pipeline. Some chapters online.
Free software from Microsoft. Odd.
Top 10 animation tools of the year. Blender wins.
C. Doctorow. Writing in the age of distraction.

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