Monday, January 12, 2009

Machinima Info Barf Poll

The Machinima Info Barf collection. Fifteen posts that are links with short descriptions. I started them in February, 2007 and almost two years later there are 15 of them (see the section in the sidebar halfway down the page) and they have gotten much longer. Before I do another Info Barf, I posted a poll on the side.

Basically, should it continue in the present form as a loose collection of links?

Is it useless and I should just drop it?

It is a lot of work collecting all of these, some are useful to me, some are not. I provide them all in case someone else finds them useful.

Two weeks to vote.

Add suggestions in the comment section.


Overman said...

I really like the Info Barfs. The last few struck me as a bit long, simply because as they've gotten longer you've kept the link quality up if you know what I mean. In other words, I end up wanting to follow a great many of them.

So if pressed, I'd say I wouldn't mind smaller mouthfuls to digest. But I can live with it if people like the longer format. Heck, I'm gonna read through them anyway.

Linn Søvig said...

I do love your Machinima Info Barfs - but it is too much.
I'd rather you used, actually. That way I can can save the links on my "toread" - tag - with your description and I can come back to it when it's convenient. Too much at one time is a hassle to digest and organise.

Whatever you decided, though - keep 'em coming! You're such a great information source!

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock said...

I find them useful. It's rare that there's not at least a couple of relevant things I've not come across in the mix.