Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does It Matter If This Gmod Machinima Is Crude

and the animation is limited?

Grigori Grimoire from FancyPants on Vimeo.

No, I think it actually is part and parcel of the atmosphere.

Very macabre.


Overman said...

I agree, Bill. I think the crudity matters in that the film wouldn't be nearly as good without it.

What a find! I can't believe this has been out for 4 months!

3dfilmmaker said...

I love the use of the static facial expressions in setting emotional tone. Almost like a 1920's film.

Good film.


zachariah said...

The animation is not all that crude, it's very intricately pupeteered, I think the CRUDE aspect of this video really comes in with the location choice and cinematography, but the pupeteering is actually very entertaining

bllius said...

Shhh...or Vimeo will take it down.

Xanatos said...

fncypntz is incredibly talented. he's helped me a couple times in game and he's totally on a whole another level of Garrysmod than the typical player to the point where I can't believe how he learned how to do what he does. what's so fascinating is that he pulls all of this off on his own with no outside help while balancing the fact that he has a sub-par computer and has to shoot all his footage with in-game demos at half speed to avoid frame rate loss. check out his other stuff too, it's really great! although I think he took a number of his videos down for some reason.

bllius said...