Sunday, January 18, 2009

If You Have Not Seen The Wrestler

Then you need to have a long heart to heart chat with yourself about that fact.

Sit yourself down, probably in front of a mirror and say "lookie here, you, you just need to accept the fact that Mickey Rourke gives a helluva performance. He won the Golden Globe for a reason!"

"But Rourke's old and busted up. He's a washout", you protest. "Exactly", you say, "It's perfect! It fits, like an old glove".

"And let's not forget that Aronofsky turns off the surreal amplifier and goes unplugged, letting the acoustic harmonics of gritty realism flow, instead of being rammed down your cortex", you add.

"Pshaw, you don't now what your talking about, Aronofsky's a hack", your evil mirror twin poo poohs your idea.

That's when you should kick that mirror in. Shatter it!

Do not let that kind of negative talk ruin a great movie! Go see it now.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Mickey Rourke from "Spun" better.

bllius said...

Haven't seen it.