Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yours Not Ours

Or so the social web 2.0 internet seems to say.

But that is not how it is. As soon as you 'share' some data (video, image, yourself) on these sites, the data is no longer yours. Perhaps more importantly than letting pieces of yourself float on the digital sea is the fact that they can easily be eaten by data sharks.

Early in 2008 DivX shut down Stage6 (Overman).

Vimeo has decided that game only clips are not welcome there (SK). Even the recent UT3 vs Halo dance off, which was done under One Shared Vision for the Child's Play charity, was yanked.

Filmmaker magazine reports that certain facebook profiles have recently been disabled.

Move, copy, and delete are some of the foundations of the digital age (too bad there isn't a 'create' button).

Back your data up and consider anything you post on a social web 2.0 twitter blog egospam is not yours.

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