Friday, January 09, 2009

Apparently I Require A New Computer

This one is too old. It's time to put her out to pasture.

I have not paid much attention to the latest tech, so does anyone have any recommendations. Intel or AMD? Nvidia or ATI? Quad or dual? SLI or not?


Ricky Grove said...

I built a new computer last December and it cost me about $1000. I recommend a quad core Intel processor (for rendering, can't be beat), an Antec case, Gigabyte or Asus mobo, Nvidia 9800GTX+ or ATI 4850 gpu and 4 gigs of Mushkin ram. Some sites I used to decide on components include and I also used as my main online supplier. puts out a regular rec on low, medium and high end components. Worth a look.

Good luck!


bllius said...

Just a single vid card? I use newegg and the other sites all the time. Will check out Thx

Ricky Grove said...

I use a single card and game/video encoding work just fine. If you want to spend the money for two, just be sure your mobo works with the two you buy. I've read that two 8800GT's are smoking when used in tandem. I'm very pleased with my 9800GTX+, although if I had more money, I'd go with the Nvidia 260.