Saturday, January 03, 2009

Software Scratch

Before I delve into the new year, these software issues are irritating me beyond belief:
  • Ubuntu linux updates on my old PC are consistently broken and have been for over 8 months - the system will only run a very old version (<8.04)
  • I added a memory card to my flash MP3 player, but the extra card results in instability in the player - constant restarts, and it can never remember what song I was listening to when restarting (really important when listening to those hour long podcasts). The expandable memory is one of the reasons I bought this player. Nice.
  • Left4Dead is unplayable right now - I have black textures on screen that are horrendous and render the game unplayable. The demo worked? Great?
  • I get GTAIV - unfortunately it requires Service Pack 3 to play - SP3 renders my machine inoperable - another brick in the wall.
At the minimum, it looks like I need a PC upgrade. Unfortunately, that will only solve some of the problems.

Right now I'm playing a game that's over 10 years old. The company no longer exists. At least the game works.

This invective goes out to all software programmers - get off your lazy asses and write some decent code you bottom feeding twits.


klipper said...

Hey, don't forget to include the assistant vice presidents, project managers, and 'software architects' who are more worried about ship-dates than quality. They're the ones whipping their coders along. Curse them all!

bllius said...

That may really affect commercial dev, but open source like linux?

klipper said...

Indeed. Good shot, Bard, you found the chink in the scales of the Open Source dragon. The O.S. coders could perhaps use a few project managers and asst. VP's of their own!

BTW - what's the decade-old game you're playing?

bllius said...