Sunday, December 28, 2008


This WoW machinima is impressive not only for the animation, but also for the story which apparently has some WoW lore behind it.

The Craft of War: BLIND from percula on Vimeo.

Now if only you could throw in a smile and a sneer.


Hugh "Nomad" Hancock said...

Are you sure it's Machinima? Looking at the render quality, the shadows, and all the custom animation, it seems more likely that it's conventional animation using WoW sets and models in something like Max or Maya.

Which doesn't take away from the fact that it's very nice work.

bllius said...

Exported to 3DSMAX

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock said...

*Nods* That's about what I expected. Not Machinima, then, sadly - although it is darn good, and really illustrates a lot of the problems that Machinima is facing right now.

I feel a blog post coming on...

bllius said...

Limitation results in innovation.

klipper said...

Nice demo reel piece. Outstanding camera work. Very good editing, if a bit self-conscious. A scoshe long?

However, it does indeed shine a light into the dark corners of machinima, illuminating some of the form's shortcomings.

20 years ago the barriers to 3D animation were high. The software was rare, often custom-written, and the hardware needed cost several hundred arms and legs.

As technology marches on, it seems clear that Machinima and 3D animation will collide soon. Perhaps very soon. But even now it seems clear that the greatests impediments to doing good work are talent (or the lack thereof) and the willingness to commit to mastering a craft. Unfortunately, our culture of instant gratification and the ever more wonderous digital tools that arrive seemingly daily conspire against the latter characteristic.

percula demonstrates both. What happens in a few years - or months (!) - when 3DSMax-level kit is available to everyone?