Saturday, August 04, 2007

Machinima Info Barf #5

Another deluge of links. I suspect the hyperlink will become the dominate form of communication in the coming century. Overman's already doing it.

Previous Info Barfs (#1, #2, #3, #4).


Discussion of the recent CBS airing of WSVG competition.


Quakecon announcements: Quake library coming to Steam, new iD game Rage (tech demo), Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie, Quake on the web, etc.
Disney buys Club Penguin for up to $700 million (yes, that's right - more than Murdoch paid for MySpace). Are virtual worlds the new dotcom bubble?
The Multiverse is coming. All I see is a machinima playground.

Machinima news:

Matt Kelland from Moviestorm is interviewed on Digital Production Buzz.
Brief slideshow of the history of machinima. In case you need some slides to present to a class.
Machinimasia workshops in July. Did anyone go? Intel sponsor. Quote:
Machinima currently has a community of more than 500,000...
Gotta love press releases.

Free Pixel has an excellent post on pre-viz that everyone should read.
Some sort of machinima film festival is announced on this MySpace page. If anyone has more info it would be greatly appreciated.
Red vs. Blue will release a five episode special series (promoting Halo3).

Machinima/Video Clips:

That was Dennis. Sad machinima in HL2.
Animation done in MS Paint. Not sure if I linked this yet.
Student videos from Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center course (I have not watched all of them).
Visualizing biochemistry in Second Life (where are the damn enzymes).
Quake movies at the Cineplex (old school machinima).
Faith, Hope, and Charity trailer (IL2 movie based on real life events during WWII).
William Gibson visits Second Life to promote his new book Spook Country (I, II).
More from Le Grand Prix MMO Machinima 2007 (have not watched these).
One Piece at a Time. Johnny Cash music video set in WoW.
Second Life videos (have not watched them all).

Digital Online Video/Cinema:

Information on the Miro (formerly Democracy) video player and aggregator.
Tube2SL film producer contest (animation, machinima, real life film).
Jing screen capture tool (from the makers of SnagIt and Camtasia).
Public domain films from the National Archives to be available from Amazon.
BoingBoing post about Polish movie posters.
50 best movie robots. I disagree with the placement. WTF is Kitt at #3. The video links are the best part.


Overman said...

Several really interesting links here, thank you!

bllius said...

NP. Which ones did you find interesting?

Overman said...

William Gibson's SL event (I'm jealous)... The Tube2SL contest (never heard of it, think I'll enter)... That FreePixel article I'd missed... and, of course, El Multiverse... among others.

Ben said...

The slideshow was a joke - a bad one (unless I'm missing something)

The history is all wrong - @ least give credit to who it's due.


I degress.

Thanks for the links. (Yum Hot dogs!)

bllius said...


Evan said...

Far out, I just finished writing a paper on "Pattern Recognition." Has anyone read Gibson's new book? Is it any good?

bllius said...

I think it comes out today or tomorrow.