Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yet More Machinima Clips

This one appears to be inspired by Overman (at least according to the credits). It's a Sims2 music video of Nine Inch Nails "Something I Can Never Have". Well done.

It looks like IBM is starting up a game in Second Life. This vid on YouTube (SL machinima) describes The Sentinel 2.0 project (Sentinel - the last defender of Codestation - who fought the monster - was defeated - and his pieces scattered in SL). Now you have to put Sentinel back together again. Interesting. I went to the island (SLurl) but all I found was a bunch of stage 01 black boxes, a video console that did not appear to work, and nobody in sight. Hmmm...maybe try again later.

A somewhat amusing machinima discussing the parasitics and necrotics to be found in the Half Life universe.

Another HL machinima, Vitamin Orange, set to music by the Doors. by Zachariah Scott of Lit Fuse Films and in conjunction with Pessimist Productions.


Evan said...

The artist changed some stuff around. Here's the new link:

bllius said...

Thx. I changed the link.