Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Machinima Info Barf #3

Part 3 of this link list mess (part1, part2).

I. Online Video:

1. How-To Videos (via WebTVHub). JumpStartTV and Expert Village are two sites that host how-to videos (see previous post mentioning DoHowTo).

2. Video Search. Blinkx has a whitepaper and a wiki detailing search optimization and strategies for video search (via NewTeeVee). PureVideo adds new features including a toolbar (from WebProNews). PageFlakes has some video search widgets (via NewTeeVee).

3. The Onion News Network. "You'll Never Read Again". Will the news ever be the same or is this just Stewart and Colbert redux?

4. Organize your online videos into Channels (NewTeeVee, DailyReel).

5. Put BiggyTV on your site and make money (via WebTVWire)?

6. Track trends in your online videos via TubeMogul.

7. More video site comparisons (who has the most bookmarks - via WebTVWire).

II. Contests (some serious money to be had):

1. Network2TV had a video contest (via WebTVWire). Website and contest winners will be announced at the Video on the Net Conference.

2. contests.

3. Briobox contest.

4. FiringSquad Editor's Challenge Video Contest. Some preliminary rounds have already finished. Example Palladiuman's Whackey Network News from YouTube.

5. For the editor in you (not the director) Cuts is hosting a weekly video editing contest and giving away iPods (via WebTVHub).

III. Machinima/Video Clips:

1. Judge Dredd Machinima.
2. MTVU WoW Machinima Clips (Google, site).
3. Not My Time To Die (long IL2 movie - forum announcement).
4. Cube Game Ad (retro game ad - hilarious).
5. Kiwi (student animation - well done).
6. Mario's back - this time in Lego.
7. Frank of the Dead machinima.
8. MyClones demoreel for Reallusions' iClone.
9. Operation Melon Freedom.
10. No! My favorite word video montage.
11. Big Brother State (YouTube).

IV. Miscellaneous.

1. Videogames and Art book (Amazon, Chicago Press). Apparently it has some discussion of machinima in it. Has anyone had a chance to read it yet?

2. Portugal Machinima Festival (Animatu - has a machinima component - thought I mentioned this already, but perhaps not?).

3. Quentin Tarantino calls the shots.

4. Upcoming Italian SF police drama Project Chrono machinima series.

Alright, that's enough for now.

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John said...

Thanks for the mention of TubeMogul. We're adding new features all the time and we really pay attention to our users' feedback.