Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Casual Games And Machinima


Line Rider will be coming to the Nintendo DS.

The Escapist has an entire issue devoted to casual games (from a quick skim through, some of the articles appear to come out of the Game Developers Conference - covered extensively in other blogs). Casual games are a burgeoning field and it is nice to see some of the grassroots game-making coming back (garage gamemakers unite).

So where's my 'casual game machinima'? Are these LineRider videos machinima? Check out the ones by techdawg, they are very well done (and certainly getting more views than most other machinima films). The One Eyed Giant has a bit of story to it. Line Rider is a simple game (or toy?) in which the player draws lines on the screen, then sets the game in motion so the Rider (and gravity) follows the lines and drives the game/toy (official Line Rider site - big money contest coming soon). Similar to some of the bridge building games I suppose.

Are there other 'casual game machinima'? Should I continue calling it this mouthful (let's call it CGM for short)?


Overman said...

This one's my favorite, though not nearly as much creative control as Line Rider, still fun: http://roxik.com/pictaps/

bllius said...