Monday, May 28, 2007

Machinima Info Barf #4

I have not done one of these in a while.
Number 4 in this chaotic mash of info (#3, #2, #1).


Postcards From The Future (via Wired)
Raiders: The Adaptation (DIY remake of Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
Most Powerful Person In The World (awesome! fun look at video games - YouTube)
Star Wars Clone Wars Sneak Peek (so sick of the prequels)
Tintin in 3D: Spielberg/Jackson (WTF?)
Grindhouse Movie Posters (from Somethingawful)

Onine Digital Video

Serial Storytelling
Onine Video Comparison (gigantic, better presentation needed)
Video Conversion/Encoding (this could also be presented in a better format)
The Second Wave (long)
Collaborative Film Making (mashups)

Video Contests

Comedy Central/Atomfilms - Pilots
Halogrid - Affinity Machinima Challenge
Virtual Live TV SL Machinima Contest (apex-high studio sponsor)

Machinima/Video Clips

Half-Life PC vs. Mac (somewhat amusing)
Action Figures Marvel vs DC (HBO needs to do a superheroes series)
The Making Of The Sims 2 (amusing - for the EA "Sims in the Hands of Artists)
The Carioca (also funny - Lionhead's The Movies short for Chrysler competition)
Snacky's Journal #1, #2 (Stage 6 machinima)
Guitar Hero Ad
Sonic's Revenge
The Saddam's Family (from the creator of Dubya and the Monkey)

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