Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dubya And The Monkey

Dubya and the Monkey by grouchobeer will either make you laugh, cry, or become very angry (maybe all three), depending on where you fall along the political spectrum. Two episodes so far, In The Line Of Fire, and Fantastic Innerspace Voyage.

Just political satire, or crossing the line?


Overman said...

What are you, workin' for Vote For The Worst now?

I don't think it's crossing the line, this stuff is all fair game, and most of it is tamer than the satire on your average Colbert Report. The only thing that made me angry was that such lazy production values would accompany the work of an obviously talented comic writer and some very decent actors.

bllius said...

Lol. Trust me, there is a lot worse out there.

Overman said...

Yeah, I know. But this was particularly jarring because it was so strong in one area. It was like a Reese's peanut butter cup... except instead of chocolate meets peanut butter it was chocolate meets sawdust. ;)