Friday, March 30, 2007

Grand Theft Auto IV


Somebody has attempted to recreate the trailer in RL. According to the credits, this was done using existing YouTube videos and edited to look like the GTA:IV trailer. Clever.


Preview now available. Pretty (watch it in HD).

Commentary already up on CVG and Gameology.

And just for fun, this 'Intro To Machinima' from a GTA perspective.


Overman said...

I caught this earlier today, it's breathtaking. I'm most curious about character close-ups, if the smoothness apparent in the trailer remains so at close range.

bllius said...

According to them this was captured in real time in 720p. It just keeps getting better and better.

I'm more interested in the next HL episode though.

todnyc said...

Realtime... Hmm.

I wonder how much of a frame massage it got in edit.

I think Im just jealous.

Stellar looking stuff.

FLeeF said...

Unfortunately my aversion to console game pads will keep me from playing GTA IV until it is available for the PC; luckily I'm a patient man.

And, thank you for linking to my goofy little "What Is Machinima?" movie!

bllius said...

Yes, I have to say I find the gameplay on the console subpar as compared to the PC.

NP about the link.