Sunday, May 27, 2007

Machinima Down Under And Virtually

Back. Physically. Mentally remains to be sorted out.

Australia just had their machinima festival a few months ago and on May 31st there will be a presentation at Digital Harbor in Melborne:
FRAMED #04: From Mobiles to Virtual
360 degree commissioning for digital content creators
by John Power a lecturer at School of Creative Media and Keren Flavell from Second Life Cable News Network.

I'm jealous.

I missed the Online Machinima Film Festival as I was away, but the list of finalists are now up.

Congratulations to the winners/finalists/nominees.


Ross Scott said...

I'm not sure missing the OMFF was such a tragedy. I think it highlights the shortcomings of internet voting.

bllius said...

I completely missed the entire thing (the lead up, the voting, etc.). What were the shortcomings (potential abuses? the wisdom of the crowds)?

Ross Scott said...

Well tell you what, you tell me. Here's the winner of "best film":

This also won 2nd for "best comedy" and 3rd for "best technical acheivement" and "best original soundtrack".

bllius said...

Hmmm...well..I guess that's why I don't watch American Idol either.