Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Apparently I'm One Year Old

How old are you? Holds up on finger. I'm one years old!

First post was 4/22/06, and now it's 4/24/07.


Some highlights?
  • 151 or so posts, most of those have come in the last few months.
  • most people find their way here from google.
  • favorite tags are machinima (73), second life (28) and film festival (23).
  • the most commented posts are the Moviestorm (12 so far), IGN's Article (9).
  • the most viewed were the two above, and some machinima info barfs.
  • speaking of which, there are 3 machinima info barf posts (#1, #2, #3).
  • some of my favorite posts were:
  1. Dystopia
  2. Will Wright/Storytelling
  3. Defcon
  4. DC IFF
  5. deja vu
  6. search/retrieve
What's happened in the last year:

Release of major consoles.
Machinima Film Festival.
Two commercial machinima software packages released.
Some great machinima was released.

And, I have even more unfinished projects on various hard drives lying around here than I did a year ago.
Here's to the next 365 or so days.


3dfilmmaker said...

Happy One Year!

I think this is among the best blog's out there (in here?) on machinima related news. Reminds me of the early days of 3dfilmmaker.com when I could actually keep up with this stuff. ;)

Keep it going!


bllius said...

Thx. It's definitely out there.

Ross Scott said...

Most of your hits come from google huh? Most of mine come from "No referring link"

bllius said...

Bots or spiders/crawlers?

Google just tips the scales for me, no direct link is a close second.

Ross Scott said...

I have no idea, I just have this free invisible stat counter on the page. What surprises me is just how much German traffic I get, I'd say it's at least 15-20%

bllius said...

I just use Google Analytics.