Wednesday, April 04, 2007

IGN's REHASHED Machinima 101


Apparently this article is a rehash (read copy/paste) of a previous article from 2006 (also from IGN). Therefore I removed all links to IGN. Shame on them. Shame on me for posting it. Fool me once...

=== has a short primer on machinima (via playgirlz). At least it's better than Esquire's (see previous post). But machinima HQ? Lol.
But even if you never make a single penny off your work, the most important thing that Machinima offers is a new way to enjoy the games that you've already invested time and money into. that so?


Overman said...

"First off, I must warn you that the road to making good Machinima is not an easy one. It will take hours, perhaps days, of your life to make a film of decent quality." - IGN

Maybe even an ENTIRE WEEKEND!

Ross Scott said...

Well I certainly can't validate that statement, making my movies has made me kind of sick of HL2. I'd say the most important aspect of machinima is enabling moviemaking to people who wouldn't have the resources otherwise.

As for making money off it, I think that's a flawed goal seeing there's intellectual property rights entangled in it plus having to compete with commerically produced content. Although I have to admit, I have the pipedream that I might be able to get some sort of loosely related job out of this, using machinima as a portfolio. I plan to put that to the test in a couple months once I finish two more episodes and hopefully peak in terms of my cinematic capability.

bllius said...


LOL, or maybe an entire week.

I definitely don't think the article is perfect. But it is IGN.


You're going to peak in a few months? So everything after that I shouldn't watch? Just kidding...

Ross Scott said...

I didn't see Overman's comment. Yeah jesus. Actually if it wasn't for the intricate animation I do, I could probably make one a week instead of the every couple months thing I've been doing. I can't imagine doing a machinima in a couple hours.

And yeah, the next two episodes will basically end the world, so you can stop there.

Anonymous said...

strange they published this article word or word or @ least 99% of it over a year ago back in March of 06

Huh? why give it a new publish date.. it's old material :o)

Ben - the other guy

bllius said...

Hmmm...maybe we should have a 48 hour machinima challenge?

OK in two months that's it. Done deal.

"strange they published this article word or word or @ least 99% of it over a year ago back in March of 06."

Do you have a link to this article? Or is this how IGN floats it's boat, rehashing it's own articles?

bllius said...

Actually, I found it here:

Both are under this minor heading:

"Special Advertising Section".
OK, now I'm pissed.

Ross Scott said...

Wow, nice. Pretty slick of them to just copy/paste last year's article.

bllius said...

Ingenious even.