Thursday, December 11, 2008

More TV Machinima

I cannot find any news sites reporting this, only press releases.

They say that Lucinda McNary, (lucindamc123? of Two Moon Graphics) will have a machinima shown on a Time Warner cable channel.

Moviestorm page?

Of course this part also caught my eye:
The stunning dramatic piano and orchestra piece, Tremble was written and performed by Daniel Stang of Edmundton, Alberta, Canada The song Yesterday was written and performed by Daniel Stang and Kyle Blackwood.
I presume they mean Edmonton. That meteor sprinkling pixie dust in its wake?


Dulci said...

There is a post from her about it here:

lucindamc123 said...

Yesterday is on Time Warner Cable KC on Demand channel 113 in the greater Kansas City area. Many Kinds of Hunger is also being broadcast. Both these movies will be on TV for an indefinite period of time -- meaning a long time. To view these movies go to my site at and the link to the Time Warner Cable listing is

bllius said...

Congrats, that's great!

lucindamc123 said...

The link for Yesterday in hi res, hi def is

and Many Kinds of Hunger is

Thanks for your interest in my movies and actually I encourage more people to submit high quality DVD's to different cable stations it their own cities. You would be very surprised at how receptive they are to showing these movies on their Independent Film channels. Especially now where major networks are cutting entertainment because of the economy.

bllius said...

Is that how you did it? Submit DVDs to the local cable station?

lucindamc123 said...

With Time Warner Cable it is a bit different. Since it is On Demand, they have a special office just for that business and they have a local one in Kansas City just like they have local offices in every city where they have subscribers. Yes you just send the DVD into the address given on the website and that is what I did. Each city is different. The office here told me that every city has a local office but I have been unable to find the right people to send DVD's to. For each city, your content has to have some local take - i.e. actors, musicians or local scenes in your movie.

I also had interest from the local ABC affliliate for my movie WORDS but nothing has come of that. They actually saw the movie on one of my upload sites and expressed an interest in it.

Local TV stations do not have programming available for independent films unless you are in a city that is still lucky enough to have public access channel that are more than just a city government channel or education channel. Your best bet is definitely Time Warner Cable On Demand or other cable service profiders On Demand. They always have room for more programming.

I can submit as many films as I want here in Kansas City but they will not always get on TV. I am working on GONE which is the first full length feature film made with Moviestorm for submission to Time Warner now. I have lined up a Kansas City area film actor who has IMDB credits and has been on TV and in films and also Kansas City area musicians. Plus all the scenes are in Kansas City.

bllius said...

That is absolutely fantastic news and advice!

Did you meet with them? Did you have to sign some legal documents? Was it easy or difficult working with them?

More details?!

lucindamc123 said...

They emailed me a contract and I signed it and faxed it back to them. It was easy. They make it really easy for you. And my contract is good for any movie I send them. And it is not exclusive, which means I can submit the movie anywhere else too and keep it listed on the internet. You have to have clear rights to everything that appears in your film - that includes mods, props, images, artwork and music and clearance from your voice actors. Since I am not selling them the movie, that is pretty easy to get since most people really want to be on TV. Time Warner in Kansas City encompasses five counties and they have 250,000 subscribers here. That means a potential of having my movies viewed hundreds of thousands of times. And they will be on there indefinitely.

They have me named as a "producer". Actually I can send other people's movies in too but they have to be somehow related to Kansas City. Doesn't mean they will accept everything though.

I recommend other film makers and machinima makers to try this too. On Demand, whether it is Time Warner or any other cable distributor. On Demand is a very hot market right now. Who doesn't like to have On Demand and be able to watch anything they want any time they want. They also now have On Demand on airplanes and that is a whole different company I have not explored.

bllius said...

So, did you find out about this avenue from somewhere else or did it just occur to you?

Was there ever any possibility of 'selling' them some films in the future or did that not come up?

lucindamc123 said...

The idea to send a video to Time Warner here in Kansas City came out of the blue. I just actually started looking for public access TV channels and of course there are hardly any, anymore as I have a friend in California who was a producer for one of those and knows a lot of other producers. Unfortunately all of the public access channels in California went defunct as well as in 17 other states.

So I came across KC on Demand and saw they had posted that you could send DVD's to them for consideration for use on the On Demand channel.

I don't think that office purchases anything although I don't know. I have some contacts now with other Cable networks and am finding out ways to submit videos to them for consideration.

I already have an agency submitting my videos now for me to various venues. The big thing seems now to be commercials made with Machinima and other PC based animation tools.

You see for so long movie studios have either been outsourcing their needs or hiring huge groups of people to do animation. Now they are starting to notice what we do. Most of the time my costs are ZERO as I do everything myself in my movies. Even if I were to license the music and pay the voice actors, the cost would not be that high. A commercial that a studio would pay $30,000 and up to get made, could be made for 10% of that cost. They are noticing especially with the economy the way it is.
And I will get paid for those when someone asks for my services.

bllius said...

"The big thing seems now to be commercials made with Machinima and other PC based animation tools."

Do you have examples of this, or is that just information that you picked up from discussions with people in the industry?

lucindamc123 said...

Sorry, I missed this last comment. I get hundreds of emails a day and I don't always catch everything. Yes my own work is being submitted by an agency to ad agencies for making theater psa's and commercials for play as part of pre-show movie theater entertainment.