Saturday, November 08, 2008

Machinima Week And More Money Woes


Wow, what a week! A festival last weekend, millions in funding to, the Machinima Expo this weekend, and another important event just occurred. All within one week. Perhaps we should declare the first week in Nov. Machinima Week!

The bad news:

Antics3D will no longer accept new purchases, and subscriptions will no longer be renewed after Nov 28th. Existing customers and support will continue to June 29th, 2009.

The writing was on the wall. I recently noted my unhappiness with the V5 upgrade. It's too bad this had to happen, but with a lack of customers I suppose it only makes sense to discontinue development.

Time to go crank up Blender.


Matt Kelland said...

There are other alternatives to Antics, such as Moviestorm by Short Fuze (disclosure, I'm from SF) and iClone by Reallusion. Both are machinima-type animation tools that aren't based on games, have a growing range of content, and don't have any of the IP issues you get with game-based machinima.

bllius said...

Yes, iClone, Moviestorm, and ZenCub3d. But how financially stable are these other companies whose sole revenue stream is based on people who wish to make machinima or are interested in pre-visualization (no game players). Apparently the market could not support 4 companies. Can it support 3?

Fool me once .... Not sure I am interested in getting bitten twice.