Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Machinima Expo

Since I am Canadian I managed to sneak into the Canadian section of the machinima expo (not sure if this is just a vestige of the potential real world Montreal location or not).

(see previous post: I Machinimate!).

Also in Vimeo now.

A Touch Too Much from bllius 69 on Vimeo.

Looking forward to the Nov. 9 expo in Second Life.


Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

Glad you are getting your film screened. I think the Canadian section probably was part of the original Montreal event, I'm glad they kept the idea as film-makers would have been working towards entering when the event was switched.

Ricky Grove said...

Thanks for the post, bllius. We are very pleased you submitted your film and are proud to screen it at the Expo. Kate/Michael are exactly right about why we kept the Canadian part of the jury prizes.

I'll be posting a full list of films being screened at the Expo very soon at machinima-expo.com