Sunday, November 09, 2008

Machinima Expo



Mostly pics for the event. Great job Phil, Ricky, Ingrid, and all the staff for a great show.

The beginning

In the ashes of Antics arises an impromptu chat

Screening The Monad

Festival attendees

Phil and Ricky on stage anouncing the winners

The award is an Illuminati pyramid!

Winners on stage

Jurists were:

Joey O'Brian
Armand Constantine
Matt Kelland
Isabelle Arvers
Ben Grussi

Women in machinima panel

The winners are:

Leo Lucien-Bay - Beast
Ian Chisholm - Clear Skies
Michelle Petit-Mee - The Snow Witch
Kerria Seabrooke - Tiny Nation
Thuyen Nguyen - An Unfair War
J. Rojas - Turbulence

The Eyes have it!

Do the Fleef dance

Lol, my film screens to an audience of one

A great time, some interesting discussions, and a lot of interest judging by the audience size. Cannot wait for the next event.


Mike Joyce said...

A wonderful event! The venue and the company made this one great event. The possibilities seem endless after attending this event.

May his be the first of many ohers.

Thank you.

Ricky Grove said...

Oh, man, those are great pictures. I'm so glad you came. We had 150 unique visitors and I think the average was around 60. So many great moments with minimal (for SL) tech issues. Phil Rice is a God. Really.

I had a wonderful time. The Clear Skies Premiere was my favorite moment, although Phil and I ended the night sitting next to each other and watching the screening reels just talking about why we loved a particular film. A magic moment.

Thanks for your write up! We'll be back next year even better. Will also be making recordings of panels etc available once we know what we have (several people archiving the event for us).


Xanatos said...

Niiice pictures, I dig the high quality. was good seeing you there too, even though I was late as hell!