Saturday, March 01, 2008

Forget The Regurgitory Nightmare Of Mainstream TV

TV will eat itself until there is nothing left (see previous post - wasn't there some mythological figure who did the same?).

New media produces wonders like this:

A college project that is a machinima graphic novel called "Guilt and Innocence" about survivor's guilt and the Holocaust. Beautifully haunting. Who new HL and Garry's Mod could produce such wonders.

Or how about this. Some good news in Second Life. People with autism and Asperger's syndrome communicating through the use of SL as reported by 4 News. Part of the report deals with a video made by an autistic person.

"In My Language" video by Amanda Bags.

Turn off your TV.


Ricky Grove said...

Your got that right. Wonderful videos; all new to me. Thank you.

bllius said...