Saturday, February 23, 2008

Machinima Talk - Feb 22

I attended my first (but the fourth) machinima talk. The first time it was held in Second Life.
Machinima talk audience.

It appears to have been well received as there was a lot of attendees: some used the audio chat, and some the text chat. I don't have the full list of people attending (nor their RL identities) but you can see from this shot most of the audience.
Myself (Scout), zsgamemaster, and Hathead (left to right).

Discussions ranged from HL machinima, to How Cold is it in Edmonton? to Antics machinima. There was a lot of discussion on production and techniques.
Zach (Lit Fuse Films) straight out of an Aphex Twin video (and in one of his less revealing outfits).

Moo Money after too much pixel juice (the first step is admitting you have a problem).

Coming soon to a TV near you (in the upcoming second part of the CSI NY episode) as worn by Martholomew (ILLectric Sheep).

There was also a lot of discussion on paying gigs. Many of the attendees were working full time or in contract gigs on machinima.
Domestic bliss, or just another SL moment?

I think it went well, and according to some, it was much smoother than previous Skype conference calls. This bodes well for further discussions in SL (Machinima talk, the upcoming OMFF, etc.).


FLeeF said...

Thanks for posting this and the pictures. And most of all thanks for coming. I'm glad I got to host it. I had a lot of fun; hope everyone else did too.

bllius said...

NP. Looking forward to the next one.

Hugh said...

Wish I could have been there! Sadly, 3am start time just wasn't practical.

Pineapple Pictures said...

Ditto, family life means a cut off of 9pm GMT for me. Thanks for the photos.