Monday, February 25, 2008

Dr. Muglerstein's Machinima & Fantastic Pictures Experience

Not entirely sure what this is all about, but found this site:

Dr. Muglerstein's Island

That appears to have a contest for submission of machinima from Second Life (among other things) with an in-world as well as a Paris exhibition. Some more info about Mugler on this blog? A fashion designer?

Off topic:

Does anyone else absolutely despise FLASH based sites? You can't get a link to copy, you can't open links in another tab. The damn flash takes over your entire browser hostage. It's all some wankfest artist crap that is all style and no function. Sick of it.


johnnie said...

I don't hate flash-based sites exactly, but I do hate pointless use of flash. Despite the preconceptions of most web designers, flash is not a universal format. There are some things that can only be done through flash, and that's fair enough. A navigation bar (for instance) is not one of them - use CSS. That's what it's for.

alexxx said...

I do agree with johnnie (about the pointless use of flash), but i think that this website ( have to be in flash

The design is much better with flash, and for a small website, the content can be animated, that is cool.

Flash is useless when a site is big, when a site is corporate, portal, news or ecommerce, because you can't open link in a new window, because you can't copy text & link, etc, etc

But this website have 3 pages and lot of graphics !!! Have a look at the content ... only 3 pages. I prefer to see theses pages well animated than in a ugly HTML website.

bllius said...

I don't think it has to have flash at all.