Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's Alex Chan Up To These Days

The creator of "The French Democracy" released a series called "World of Electors" last year during the French elections. Unfortunately I can not find an English version (spoken or subtitled).

According to this blog (franck perrier), he also made "Seeds of Terrorism" (there is a 10 minute interview with him on the perrier blog).

And now he appears to be working for the Capa TV Agency on some machinima projects (Yahoo News). Considering how much discussion there was last night in the machinima conference in Second Life on paying gigs for machinimists, this appears to be a growing worldwide phenomenon.


Ricky Grove said...

Thanks for the update on Alex Chan. I've been wondering what he's been doing. Since I meet him at the Machinima Festival a few years ago, I've been trying to follow his career. Good to know he's doing what he loves.


Franck said...

We did not produce the english version of World of Electors. The concept of this series was to put "real people" interviews on machinima characters. It was sold to and NT1 (a french cable TV.

bllius said...

Np Ricky.

Franck. Is there an english version of World of Electors anywhere?

johnnie said...

I think Alex did create an extract from World of Electors with English subtitles - he showed some of it at the European Machinima Festival last year - but I don't think it's been released anywhere. I suspect that, as the entire project was commissioned by and eventually sold to a french tv channel, Alex may not have distribution rights.

On the original topic, I can happily confirm that Alex is doing very well, working full-time as a machinimator and (along with a few other tirelessly-enthusiastic people like Xavier Lardy) spearheading the blossoming French machinima scene.

Ricky Grove said...

That is excellent news, Johnnie. Alex is a good man. Glad to hear he is doing well.