Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Big Machinima News!


There's more info in this Reuters article (six figures!).


NewWorldNotes has some very big news about HBO buying the rights to "My Second Life", the story of Molotov Alva in SL (previous post here). Not only that, they will apparently submit it to the Academy Awards in the animated shorts category. That's a big machinima breakthrough. Huge!

Will there be a slate of signings now for other series and productions? Or will there be a wait and see attitude? I'm surprised Rupert Murdoch wasn't the one signing on the dotted line.


Overman said...

Wow, that's outstanding!

Evan said...

Good gravy goat! That's awesome!

On another note, had FOX bought it I would have ate my hat.

bllius said...

Yes it is.

I was thinking more along the lines of MySpace considering they also purchased exclusive rights to the lonelygirl finale.