Thursday, August 23, 2007

WoW MMovie

Haven't seen this anywhere, maybe I missed it.

Stealth Films has released a trailer for their WoW MMovie, a parody of many popular films using World of Warcraft. The press release states:
This film-making process, called "Machinima", has been done before on many platforms, including WoW, but MMOvie will be the first full-length theatrical machinima film.
Is that true? Are they really going for a theatrical release? Before Blizzard's own WoW movie (of course, that will be live action)? If so, that's bloody impressive. If so, then they must have some sort of agreement/deal with Blizzard.

Full Stealth sounds like a guerilla film making studio, some commercial work, video remixing, etc..

Stealth Films MySpace channel.
Interview at DigiMag.
Interview at Livid.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the first installment and don't belive it will ever be able to raise the kind of money to get it into theaters.I doubt it will ever be completed.They have a donate button on the page, but even if I had thought it was terrific, I doubt I would donate as i found a scene with the Night -elf trying to have sex with her brother distasful.I realize it is from another movie but not necessary all the same.The woman's voice was horribly miscast too, someone younger would have been much better.The character and voice acting together were awful