Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is This The Golden Age Of Machinima?

The beginning? The end? Somewhere in the middle? Nowhere in sight?

Machinima is being shown at festivals and broadcast on television. Full length motion pictures are in the works. Fantastic works of the imagination are being produced in many different games (or not games), so much so that it is becoming difficult to keep up. The Internet Archive has reached 500 machinima submissions. Machinima is blossoming everywhere.

As the great lidless eye of hollywood, television, and business begins to swivel it's gaze on the machinmators happily frolicking in their land of innocence, will we look back on this as a golden age? The legal hellhounds have begun scouting forays into our territory. Is the innocence about to end?

Or will we embrace our new overlords as they happily swallow us whole to feed the gaping maw of commerce in the new digital age? Everything new will become old. The ship will right itself.

Or will machinima just be one small part of the chaotic swirl that's digitally transforming media production and distribution.

After all that, will we look back and say "those were the days"?

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