Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shock The Plasmid!

Bioshock Spoiler Alert*

Bioshock really is a beautiful game. If the semi insane imaginings of Levin's mind can be considered beautiful. But then, the game developer is Irrational, a perfectly suited name for the demented worlds they've created.


The art direction is interesting. A mix of old school posters with high tech gone awry.
Plasmids for genetic engineering.

The game takes place in Rapture, an apparent social experiment gone completely to hell in a city under the ocean.

This world is falling completely apart and as you make your way through it there are various collapsing tunnels, imploding doors, and disintegration at all levels.
Medical experiment gone horribly wrong!

The happy posters on the walls contrast with the gruesome details you keep encountering, the result of the deeply deranged minds of various powerful denizens of Rapture.
Dr. Steinman wants to help.

The atmosphere is fantastic, spooky and frightening, much like System Shock 2, another Irrational game.
In-game map.

The game mechanics are also similar to other Irrational games. Various upgrades via plasmids and gene tonics for genetic engineering (aside: someone must have read a Scientific American and picked the term 'plasmid' for genetic engineering - it actually doesn't mean that) boost your various attributes. You can buy health and energy (called EVO for the genetic enhancements), and find various upgrades, money, health on corpses and in apparently every container (I am getting sick of searching ashtrays and storage crates though).
A warning to trespassers!

So far this game is matching expectations, which is a nice change of pace these days. It's a little too much of a rail shooter, but then again, so was Half Life, and in both games the story and atmosphere more than make up for the lack of freedom.


Overman said...

I don't know how they do it where you're from, but where I'm from we always store our most prized valuables in ashtrays. Especially in virtual worlds, where they take on that amazing TARDIS / bag-of-holding kind of power. :P

bllius said...

LOL. I'm going to start searching various trash bins around here. Maybe I'll get lucky and find the holy grail?