Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Microsoft - iClone - Moviestorm


It was noted that it was not Lessig, but Mark Methenitis at Law of the Game's posts.


Is Microsoft's recent announcement about what is legal and what is not in machinima, notably for Halo, a boon for iClone and Moviestorm? (see previous post, Thinking Machinima, Law of the Game's first post and follow-up). There's been a lot of ourcry in the Halo machinima community, including some series ceasing production (The Reclaimer - final part of The Codex) and a call for an online petition.

Much like I noted in the SouthPaw Manifesto, if you don't like something, don't buy/use it. Of course, I think you will be hard pressed to find a game developer, at this point in time, who has said "Please use my game to make as many videos as you like, and feel free to profit on them as much as you can."
Why Reallusion (iClone) and Short Fuze (Moviestorm) are not blasting out press releases right now touting the ability to own your content is surprising. Is something like this forthcoming?


Anonymous said...

Great coverage, Billus.

The lawyer posting about machinima's legal aspects is Mark Methenitis and not Lawrence Lessig (though it would be great to hear from Lessig regarding this too).

bllius said...

Thx, fixed.