Saturday, June 23, 2007

Top DVDs And Into The Pixel

Two short info tablets for Saturday:

Following on the top 100 movies (from AFI - see previous post) comes the top 50 DVDs you must own (ignoring all of the ones you should already own like Star Wars and some of Hitchcock's flicks) from PopMatters. They've broken the list into five categories and have an interesting selection of classics as well as challenging films. It's always fun to look at a list like this to find out what I haven't seen yet.

Into The Pixel announces the 16 works and artists selected for 2007. Only one video (City 17), but some nice images derived from video games are on the list.


Ross Scott said...

Where's the link to the video? I only saw a picture titled City 17, they all look great though.

bllius said...

Interesting, when I first went there there was a link to a very large file which I assumed was the classic live action/video game crossover City 17 vid but I guess I was wrong.

My bad.