Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Mutterings

A few Monday morning (didn't finish it till now) mutterings and musings:

A short note from Wired on "Four Eyed Monsters", the first feature length film available on YouTube. The part where the filmmakers connect with their audience and ask them where they are, what cities they occupy, and what movie theaters they think would show the film is the most interesting. The Workbook Project had a podcast with the creators earlier this year.

The twenty-fifty anniversary of Blade Runner and the groundbreaking special effects that are still impressive today is noted at Popular Mechanics. Unfortunately, they don't mention Philip K Dick, and they also don't mention Ridley Scott's Alien (which also had phenomenal effects that stand the test of time). For shame. The Director's Cut Special Super Turbo Edition of Blade Runner is supposedly coming out for a theatrical release and DVD this fall. Awesome!

The iClone vs. Moviestorm wars continues. iClone can now take Google SketchUp models as props or backgrounds. Can Moviestorm do this yet? If the entire planet gets realized in Google Earth, will you then have the entire planet at your beck and call? Now onto Mars? Look out for the wormholes (or portals).

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