Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thunderous Thursday

ABC will produce "Masters of Science Fiction" miniseries bringing four episodes narrated by Stephen Hawking. Bizarre.

Fling Films introduces Moviestorm to GTA in "Play It Again Carl".

Incarcarex Drug Policy Film.

See if you can do this math test on YouTube. Pay attention!

This Halo movie "Be Human" won a Judges' Choice award in the recent Zune contest. Very well done.

Futurecasting on NewTeeVee (or SciFi as it used to be called). Googlezon in 2014 launches EPIC vs. Linden Labs launching Spirit in 2027? Psshaw. I welcome the coming disinformation wars. If bits can easily be created, copied, and destroyed, they can also be easily manipulated. If you introduce noise into the bitstream and only you know it's there, how it was made, and how it can be subtracted, then you win.

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