Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday - WTF Is Wednesday For?

Wonderland has an interview with Brent Friedman from Afterworld.TV. Fascinating how no one except Sony wanted to work with them but equally fascinating is how they set out from the get go to build this for today's digital audience (also how they still manage to control the rights).

Some Jovial machinima from Koinup. What's Koinup?
Koinup is the first social network to share virtual lives, screenshots, machinima and virtual stories.
Social networking for machinima and virtual lives? How is this different than say or

Sculpting data in Second Life (via NWN). Pushing ever closer to the 3D web.

Quakecon to feature all four versions of Quake in the Quad Damage tourney. Sort of like the decathlon of eSports.

This replica of a Japanese castle painstakingly recreated by an obsessive (fan? modeler? hobbyist? weirdo?) is absolutely fascinating. Maybe he should have done this in SL, it would have been quicker.

I will be a judge for the 2008 OMFF (Online Machinima Film Festival). I am now accepting bribes in large bundles of unmarked bills or gold bullion (the last is a joke for the humor-impaired).

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