Friday, March 16, 2007

Robbie Dingo Machinima - "He Still Watches"

SL machinimist Robbie Dingo ('Stage' and 'Better Life') has released a machinima trailer that is based on an online novel "He Still Watches" (apparently by request of the author, Dale Moses - via New World Notes). What an interesting way to promote a novel (the author is releasing a page per day). The two minute trailer is very well done, and definitely suspenseful. This collision of various ideas is fascinating and I suspect it will take off in the future (direct mov link, YouTube#1, YouTube#2, additional trailer by Selby Evans and Jayson Murphy). The online version of the novel is very cool as well (the author also lives in Canada - double cool).

What am I talking about? How about loose collections of artists (novelist, cartoonists, machinima makers, actors, etc.) all working together on each other's projects in order to promote and raise awareness of the aggregated works. Not a new idea but, with the technology currently available, the speed of production, and the ability to reach an enormous online audience, this is an unprecedented opportunity for any artists who wish to work as a collective.

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