Saturday, March 17, 2007

Creative Movies Director's Cut Winners

Winners have been announced and the voting levels for each movie are listed on CM's site (the final score was based on 30% audience and 70% judges). Unfortunately, Civil Protection: Aliens missed out by just a hair in the open category (the third clip in that series has just been released). I have not watched all of the movies, but most are frag videos, some with interesting editing techniques, some without.


Ross Scott said...

Yeah, the breakdown is that all the CS videos are frag videos. In the open category mine and The Longest Day are machinima for the finalists, the others are frag videos. I forget what it is for the shortlisted. They did give a special mention for CP: Aliens though, which I thought was nice of them. Since this ended up being an apples-to-oranges comparison I don't feel too bad, even if I did want that mouse.

bllius said...

Well, looks like there are starting to be a lot of contests out there, so maybe one of those.