Monday, January 22, 2007

We are the StrangE

Or WATS for short is a possibly seminal moment in do it yourself digital film-making. Or so Wired says. Produced entirely in what looks like the director's home office, this strange blend of computer and stop motion animation (Str8nime as the term has been coined) has to be the direct result of playing too many video games as a child.
M dot Strange makes filmmaking history, creating every frame in the entire 88 minute feature film himself as a one man production powerhouse with his trademark "Str8nime" style. Str8nime is a bold and vivid new style that is a mixture of Strangeness, 8-bit videogame culture, and Japanese Anime. With several more feature films currently in development, the future of cinema is guaranteed to be a little well....Strange.
That's probably why I like it. It's currently being shown at the Sundance film festival, so hopefully the full length feature is released soon.

In the meantime check out the trailer on YouTube, or one of the various downloads available at the site.

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