Saturday, December 02, 2006

Gary's Mod and Machinima

The new version of Gmod is out for Half Life 2 for 10 bucks. I've been looking for some reason to buy this but I have not been able to find one single significantly interesting use for this tool. AFAIK, 99% of the community that uses Gmod ends up producing either HL comics, music vids, or boring Rube Goldberg apparatuses. Are there any actual machinima flicks made with Gmod that are any good or am I wasting my time?


Kaizer - John Harvey said...

I've been thinking of using Gmod for machinima recently. I think its a great tool for it. Probably not so much for in-engine work, but certainly great for making shots to be cut and edited in an outside program. It's great for setting up scenes and composing shots. There are cameras you can use, dof effects you can employ. I was thinking you can even make a dolly device or a crane for some interesting shots. And you have the ability to add npcs and get them to enact scripts in real time.

bllius said...

I've been tempted to try it myself, but I'm not sure how much benefit you actually get from using Gmod over just using HL2 and other Source projects.

You can recam demos and even output to avi directly. The real time scripting sounds interesting.