Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Nite Roundup

A collection of links of interest:

1. MMORPG company goes bankrupt. Players want to buy to buy the game (from the BBC).
2. The Antikythera Mechanism has been solved (world's first computational device? - how long before a copy shows up in SecondLife? - via NYT).
3. Fox News to interview Angel Munoz (from CPL). Is this good,or bad? How will Fox News treat the concept of playing video games in a tournament. Freak of nature style news reporting, or video games are bad and are subverting our youth style news? (via GotFrag).
4. 3DFilmMaker reports that machinima is topping the list of gaming innovation awards.
5. has a machinima festival (have not finished watching all of the entries yet - There looks a lot like Second Life).

The digital revolution is of course sweeping through the filmmaking industry, ripping it apart from the inside like a syncytial virus. How long before the actual process of filmmaking no longer uses film at all? When will the last big budget Hollywood film be shot on film (future Jeopardy trivia question). How many Final Cut Pros does it take to make a blockbuster?

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