Monday, December 11, 2006

eSports and Drugs

The Cyberathlete Professional League is going to start testing for performance-enhancing drugs in 2007. Perhaps they should just pay attention to the map exploits that some teams use (how is eSports ever going to become popular when you have map exploits, and shooting through walls - try explaining that to your grandmother).

Update on WSVG.
1. The MLG WSVG controversy has apparently been resolved.
2. Fatal1ty vs. Toxic was probably the best set of games I've seen in Quake in a long time. Fatal1ty came from the losers bracket to beat Toxic in the first best 2/3, but lost in final map.
3. The CS series continues. The Scandinavian domination of CS is not going to continue at WSVG as both NiP and fnatic are out of the tourney. That leaves Team 3D and ALTERNATE aTTaX to play in the final match. Maps 1 and 4 were especially entertaining, while the rest were lessons in domination in the first few minutes.
4. Grubby won the WC3 tourney in a 2-1 win over Sweet.
5. Str8 Rippin won the Halo2 tourney.

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