Friday, December 08, 2006

WSVG Finals

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The World Series of Video Games is taking place this weekend in New York. There will be tournaments for Halo2, Warcraft3, Counterstrike, Quake 4 as well as some other games. There are supposed to be live streams from CSTV and TSNCentral, but of course CSTV is not working, and TSN is down. Big surprise there. Almost every tourney I've tuned into has had technical problems. You don't see this crap on ESPN now do you? If I was a sponsor of the event I would make make sure that the technical infrastructure was there in order to meet the audience demand so that the sponsorship dollars were being well used. Otherwise, what's the point?

Since we're on the subject of the WSVG, there was recent news of a cash infusion from a venture capital firm to the tune of $4.8 million (read PR, not news).

Also, there is apparently already some controversy brewing. This comes from a disupute between Major League Gaming (MLG) and WSVG. Some of the teams qualifying for WSVG are under contract with MLG. WSVG requires a waiver form to be signed to appear on CSTV as part of the tournament, and MLG is advising its players not to sign, a move that would surely prevent the teams from playing at WSVG. MLG not only represents the players and teams but is also a rival with WSVG. Conflict of interest perhaps?

Well, I guess I won't be watching this.

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