Monday, August 14, 2006

New Quake 3 Trickjumping Video

I noticed on Esreality that Shaolin Productions had released their new movie. Entitled Unity, it is another trickjumping movie for Quake 3 and showcases a set of tricks created by 27 different players. As always, it is nicely done and edited, and there is even a high definition version (I used VideoLAN to watch the non-HD version).

It seems to me, and I thought of this when I saw my first trickjumping movie, is that this would be a perfect esport for the next CPL or WCG. It requires skill, it's fun to watch, and it would be fairly easy to judge. You could do something similar to how the Xgames are done with skateboarding and BMX tricking. Give players (singles, pairs, quads) a short period of time to do a series of tricks on a single map, and then judge them (or open it to American Idol-type audience participation). On the bonus side, it's not really violent, which might help in the overall PR game with the idiotic congressional types who rail against the evil of video games.

Are there any trickjumping competitions? Any prizes given out? How many trickjumpers are there anyways? Are there leagues? Or is this whole thing at the eve of something bigger like skateboarding or surfing was so many years ago?

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