Sunday, August 13, 2006

Splash Damage's Enemy Territory To Have Jetpacks

Tribes fans rejoice. The interweb (via Tribalwar) sends news that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars from Splash Damage will have jetpacks for the Strogg. One of the developers states that he was a big fan of Tribes and engine code is currently in place to produce a Tribes-like mod for ET:QW for any interested mod team.

Great news because Tribes was one of the best games ever made. Splash Damage has a history of producing quality products, including the freely available Enemy Territory for Wolfenstein. This looks like a marriage made in heaven: a decent dev team that itself came from the mod community and the ability for a new mod team to modify the existing game to slap in some jetpacks for both teams, to add skiing, and to bring back the glory of Tribes to a new generation.

Looks like I will definitely be buying ET:QW!

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