Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Way Back

Peter Weir's new movie, The Way Back is based on a novel of a group of prisoners who escape a Siberian prison and then trek all the way to India. An ensemble of actors, including Colin Farrel and Ed Harris, it's a classic tale of men against nature, men against themselves, men against men. Familiar territory, as the last movie Weir directed was Master and Commander.

Too bad they didn't have a communicator and a starship to beam up to.

The director had a Q&A after the movie and answered some questions. Apparently the novel's accuracy has been called into question, which is why it is presented as a fictionalized account and leaves a few narrative threads open ended. The fact that the events may not have transpired exactly as depicted does not impact the movie, which is filled with impressive images of harsh landscapes, and some decent acting, even by Farrel, who plays a Russian criminal.

A decent movie and the first fictional movie to be produced or co-produced by National Geographic, which is an interesting tidbit of information.

Filmmaker magazine interview.

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