Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Trashmaster

Of course is getting lots of notice, a feature length machinima shot in GTA:IV. How many full length machinimas is that now?

The filmmaker Mathieu Weschler is french, and this translated piece from a french website just kills me:

But of course once all these elements still had to add that the specificity of cinema, directing and editing of course! And there's the orgy, the film is a festival of all plans more inspired than each other, it's simple it never stops, tirelessly transcribing inner torments of his hero destroyed perfectly framed shot of plans of majestic shots ever free and zooms shattering when the action moves as it should be remembered that the film is a series of action scenes with dementia, of gunfights in the Heat of crossbred " John Woo-style " digested superbly (it honors, it is inspired, but never copy ...) of car chases race (the final sequence is unforgettable breadth, virtuosity and camaraderie ...) but also contemplative and dreamlike scenes to burst of beauty (the sequence of garbage collection , sublime!), all in an industrial environment blade-runneresque unforgettable ...
My kingdom for a babelfish...

I have only watched the first ten minutes, and I am really curious to know how it was made. So far it looks impressive.

The trashmaster (nouvelle version nouvelle voix-off !)
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Overman said...

It keeps getting better. This was submitted to the Expo 2010, and I daresay would have fared VERY well had it not been disqualified from jury consideration for all the (c) music.

It's a damn fine piece of work, well worth the time to watch it.

We'll be featuring this film at Machiniplex in another month or so, interviewing the director, I'm looking forward to hearing more about its making too.

bllius said...

I wondered about the music.