Sunday, March 08, 2009

What I Learned This Weekend

At the DC Independent Film Festival:

James Cameron Avatar will have a game component (separate) that players can take part in. Will it be like Enter the Matrix?

CreateSpace is cool. Amazon's Unbox might be a good idea too.

A 3D version of Nosferatu (Orlok the Vampire), utilizing the public domain footage from this and other movies, along with some technology to cleanup the film and add 3D elements and music was sort of interesting.

A demo of the new RED camera was pretty exciting. 4K here we come.

Lots of talk about open source, public domain, creative commons, and free media. Remix and rehash, interactivity, computer games, community building, etc. Only, how to make money (or even a living) when the competition is giving away theirs for free?

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