Saturday, February 28, 2009

Machinima Info Barf #21



Machinima News:

Mcom gets into interactive YouTube. Take a video game, make a machinima piece, then make it interactive? Haven't you just reduced it to the essentials?
GoAnimate teleports to the 25th century and lands in a Star Trek episode.
Rooster Teeth starts up Relocated RvB series.
Moviewood online edition (machinima e-zine).
MMIF is today!
Zero Hour machinima trailer.
Adage article about
Eighty percent of users in a recent survey said they bought a new game after watching it in videos on the site.


Double Kill wins Make Something Unreal phase 2 contest. Full list.
CGSociety Steampunk winners announced. Some impressive stuff.

Video Game/Virtual World News:

Gabe Newell discusses digital distribution. And Entertainment as service.
Quake. Live. Embedded in your browser. Play a ten year old FPS for free while watching ads painted on the gamespace. More on the Flash behind the scenes.
Disaster planning in video games.
Spore opens API. Contest ensues.

Machinima/Video Clips:

The Evolution of Technology and the Human Race.
Everything is possible. Or stupid human tricks.
Benkler talks about open source economics. His Wealth of Networks book is available online.
Get a Glimpse of Gary student animation.
Are video games preparing our children for the upcoming Apocalypse (Onion).
The Strange Fruit machinima tribute to Billie Holiday is fantastic.
Watch the entirety of Sita Sings The Blues animated film online.

Digital Online Video/Cinema/Imaging:

These images of melted brick are bizarre.
New Steal this Film documentary coincides with the Pirate Bay trial.
Datamoshing (altering keyframes in video).
25 Blender tutorials.
Short film distribution guide from
Architectual plugins for Google Sketchup.
This experiment with digital comics is cool, allowing the reader to control the flow of images.
Vunky search is a photoshop tutorial specific search engine.
3D satellite viewer (view satellite tracks around the Earth - watch them collide!).
Animation timeline (released animated movies).
This long article from Variety details the behind the scenes fights that took place before and during the Godfather being made. Success against all odds!
3D film releases over the years.


This 1975 Rolling Stone article on Philip K Dick is a fascinating read.
WriteorDie - for when writer's block has got you down.
Steven Poole talks about professional writing, and the digital age.
Online Logo Generator.

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