Monday, March 16, 2009

Sims3 Machinima

I will just quote from the article:
Players can choose to visit the town at any moment they desire: There's no loading screen for such jaunts - the Sim or Sims you've selected will simply hop into a car and drive there.
On top of all this expanded creativity, The Sims 3 is also due to come with some fairly powerful video editing tools. As many of you know, Sims 2 has become a popular choice for people making spoof films and the like, and this time around Maxis is looking to embrace such machinima right from the get-go. Details are fairly scarce at the moment, but we do know that the system will be designed for easy uploading to YouTube. This sounds like a pretty smart move to me.
...but apparently the big development in this area is the Create-A-Style tool. In a nutshell, the player will now be able to edit the exact colour and material of any object in the game.
Go anywhere, do anything, edit it all, and record it.

People are soon going to become bored with reality if they cannot do the same.

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